Need a quick power nap during the work day, but aren’t prepared to go full George Costanza? A new “nap studio” in Chicago lets you grab some quick Zs with just the click of an app.

Peace Power Napping announced it has opened on Michigan Avenue, allowing busy professionals to duck in for a quick 30 minute nap session. The space, located at 30 N. Michigan Ave. across from Millennium Park, has five beds that each come with outlets for charging, blankets, eye masks, and a light.

Here’s how it works: Users download the Peace mobile app, book a nap session on demand or in advance, check in via the app on arrival, and go to the assigned room number.

“I like to think of Peace as on-demand napping for Chicagoans—and hope that’s the story we are able to convey to the community,” Founder Jennifer Thomas said in a news release announcing the opening of Peace. “With a focus on user-friendliness and convenience, our goal when designing Peace was to make it as easy as possible for city-dwellers to grab a restorative midday power nap.”

Each 30 minute nap costs $20, the company says.

Peace says it’s the first nap studio in Chicago, but it isn’t first company to launch an on-demand napping service in the U.S. Washington D.C.-based Recharj offers a similar service, and San Francisco’s Doze allows companies to rent high-tech, $11,000 reclining nap pods by the month.