Allstate Insurance is now working with Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Carpe Data as it aims to fight against insurance fraud, the companies announced this week.

Carpe Data, which uses social media, online content and email intelligence to gather data on those filing insurance claims, says it will help Allstate spot instances of insurance fraud. Allstate, based in Northbrook, Ill., has about 16 million clients, and supplies home, automobile and life insurance.

Through its partnership with Carpe Data, Allstate says it hopes to create a simpler and more accurate claims filing process.

For example, Carpe Data was recently used when a claimant said they could not work due to injuries from an accident. But Carpe’s analysis of the claimant’s public social media accounts found a video of them rock climbing and horseback riding during the time period they said they were injured.

“Allstate is always searching for better ways to leverage the power of data to improve our claim process,” said Allstate’s Chief Claims Officer Glenn Shapiro in a statement from the companies. “Carpe Data will help support Allstate’s ongoing efforts to seamlessly integrate data to help our people make the best, most accurate and timely decisions.”

Additionally, Carpe’s tool can help corroborate valid claims and reduce the overall costs of a claim investigation.

“Data and technology now play an increasingly important role in driving change across the insurance industry,” said Carpe Data CEO and Co-Founder Max Drucker in the statement. “We look forward to seeing even more ways our collaboration with Allstate can evolve the sector as a whole.”