Sure, the Amazon Echo is great. Alexa can order you an Uber, play music on demand, and turn on your lights. But she can’t pour you a shot of bourbon.

That’s where “JIM” comes in. Made by Chicago-based Jim Beam, JIM is the “world’s first smart decanter,” which can dispense Jim Beam bourbon with a simple voice command.

Jim Beam announced the device on Wednesday, which retails for $34.90. The company says quantities are limited, and orders will arrive by December 15.

JIM isn’t exactly a boozy replacement for the Amazon Echo, Google Home or other smart voice-enabled devices. It doesn’t know the weather (if you ask, JIM will say “I have no idea. But I do know it’s the perfect weather to enjoy bourbon.”) You can ask it to tell you a story, ask what’s the best way to drink bourbon, or say “Hey Jim, let’s toast.” JIM is voiced by Fred Noe, a seventh generation Jim Beam family distiller.

JIM is powered by 3G, which the company says will expire after six months, meaning your voice-powered bourbon robot won’t last forever. But a spokesperson didn’t rule out extending the virtual assistant’s voice capabilities, saying “you never know what popular demand could inspire!”

“While he can’t turn off the lights or sing you a song, ‘JIM’ bridges the gap between Silicon Valley and Kentucky with unique artificial intelligence that will answer your questions … and pour you a glass of bourbon,” Jim Beam said in a press release.