There’s a well-known rule at music festivals among festival veterans that is often disregarded by first-timers: Stay hydrated.

More important than rushing to the front of the stage, wearing conformable shoes, or even getting drunk, drinking tons of water should be everyone’s No. 1 goal (90 degree weather, 100,000 people, and no water is not a good mix). The only problem with constantly guzzling H2O is that you will constantly have to pee, which is an even bigger issue for women who have to sit down in those godforsaken festival porta potties.

But now there is a device available for women that allows them to pee standing up, freeing them from the dreaded “squat-pee,” according to Sara Grossman, a Chicago native and inventor of Stand Up. Stand Up was developed in San Francisco and launched earlier this year. Grossman told NBC Chicago that the device is perfect for Lollapalooza because “nothing compares to the nastiness of a public toilet at a summer outdoor music festival.”

“When encountering a less-than desirable peeing locale, many women opt to squat, which isn’t easy! We can feel off-balance, like we’re about to fall through the stall door, or maybe like we’re modern-arting a one of a kind pee-splatter-painting for the next unlucky hopeful sitter,” Grossman said. “There’s just no winning when it comes to squat-peeing, which is why I invented the Stand Up; I believe women can have a hygienic and dignified peeing experience if they so choose.”

The device is disposable, biodegradable, and allows urine to flow out without hitting your feet. The Stand Up website has this handy chart:















































Lollapalooza has the RFID wristbands. OppiKoppi has the beer drones. But this might be the biggest festival game changer of them all.

Photo via Stand Up