Often times, moving to a new space is a sign that business is doing well. Signal is a good example.

Founded in 2010, the marketing technology company has raised more than $70 million to date. The fast-growing company currently employs more than 180 people in offices in London, New York, Tokyo and Australia.

The company moved into its fourth headquarters early this year, subleasing from online lender Avant. Located at 222 N. La Salle St., the 27,000-square-foot space currently houses about 150 employees.

Compared to its former offices in the Gogo Building at 111 N. Canal St., the new space is about the same size, according to Kari Brownsberger, Signal’s senior director of communications. The office is divided into two wide rectangle spaces with working areas next to the window and an open multi-functional area where Signal CEO Mike Sands holds all-company meetings, and where employees work, meet and spar over chess, ping pong and video games. Conference rooms alongside the open space were named after Chicago breweries such as Goose Island, Temperance and Half Acre.

The office features wide communal working areas with long couches, wide tables, modern stools and unique interiors created by employees. An employee who is interested in arts takes charge of the art gallery called “The Spotlight,” which features a Chicago artist every quarter. Artists are invited to speak to the company during “Hack” or “Shark” weeks when employees find inspiration outside of works. The company also participates in “Bring Your Parents To Work Day,” designed to enlighten parents as to what their daughter or son does at work.

The design of the office reflects the company’s culture of “openness and transparency,” and gives employees flexibility in how they work and how they want the workplace to look like, Brownsberger said.

The company expects to have more than 200 total employees by the end of 2018.

Check out Signal’s new office space below: