, the online marketplace for buying, selling and learning about music gear, has grown into a go-to website for musicians around the world since its launch in 2013. 

Located at 3345 N. Lincoln Ave., Reverb’s two-story office is a giant open space with plenty of real instruments within arm’s reach. Guitars hang from nearly every wall. A huge stand-up bass is situated in a bottom floor conference room and a full drum kit is set up upstairs.

Music is incorporated in even smaller details, from end tables made of drums to a conference room table with a trumpet built into the side. A funky instrument-filled mural designed by its art director is featured throughout the space. Records line the first-floor lounge. Conference rooms are named after employees’ favorite music venues around Chicago, including The Vic, Lounge Ax and Kingston Mines.

To Reverb, music is in its blood. A recent company survey found that 85 percent of its employees are musicians, with many of them having been in bands or on tours.

“[The space] can get very loud sometimes,” said Heather Farr, PR and communications manager at Reverb. “Sometimes people are just talking to someone, they get a guitar and start playing it.”

Reverb’s office and interiors were designed by All Things Esque. Menhall Group and Cris Construction performed the buildout. Art was added from within the company.

The company also built a fully functional video production room in-house, where the content team shoots demo, interviews and more to help sell gear and educate customers.

As of now, the 9,000-square-foot spot is a home to 152 employees working in engineering, customer engagement, sales and marketing roles. Reverb raised $15 million in funding this August to boost its international expansion efforts. The company, which has raised a total of $47 million to date, looks to open a new space right next door, doubling its current size.

Take a spin through Reverb’s office below: