At all levels of athletics, from professional to little league, player safety has never been a more talked about issue. Athletes, parents, coaches, and fans are all beginning to understand the serious risks of concussions, and all 50 states have passed concussion protocol legislation that educates everyone around the athlete about head injuries, when an athlete should be removed from play, and when the player is cleared to return.

But increased protocols lead can lead to a mountain of paperwork and logistical issues, especially if a high school athlete plays multiple sports. But Player’s Health, a Chicago-based startup formerly named Team Interval, wants to make viewing injury history and documenting incidents more efficient through its online portal. Player’s Health provides athletic organizations with medical information they need and allows for injury reporting that can be shared with parents and coaches. The company has also been accepted into MATTER, the new health tech hub in Chicago.

Team Interval began has a communication platform for sports teams. Features like mass messaging, team calendars, file sharing, film revue and injury reports were available for an entire organization. Like Blackboard is for college students, Team Interval wanted to be for high school sports. But roughly 6 months ago CEO Tyrre Burks pivoted the company’s focus towards solely player injuries, an area he sees as becoming increasingly important for high school teams.

“We’re basically building the first universal health record for athletes,” Burks said. “We’re becoming the medical standard for what I hope becomes mutual accountability.”

Player’s Health is launching its beta test with 16 schools and 10,000 athletes in March, and it currently works with the Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association providing injury reporting to athletes who have a physical or visual impairments. It has also been in talks with the USA Rugby team and other athletic and medical organizations about implementing its product.

Player’s Health’s HIPAA-compliant platform allows coaches, trainers and administrators to manage and comment on athlete health records directly in the online portal. The information can be distributed across sports and shared with the athlete’s primary care physician. As schools are required to officially document injuries, Player’s Health is creating a more efficient way to record information.

“We’re helping these schools stay in compliance, and we’re helping them stay on top  of the responsibilities they have to document injuries,” Burks said.

Burks, a former college and profession football player himself with stints in Europe and the Canadian Football League, said the company’s pivot and rebrand required more understanding of the medical field, and the connections and mentorship he’s getting at MATTER will be instrumental in navigating HIPPA and other healthcare issues.

“Honestly, MATTER has been a dream come true for us,” he said. “We’re really focusing on how can we change the culture in youth athletics and how can we build the best protocols.”

Image via Player’s Health