The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is known for its students’ brilliant creations.

Now the school is creating something of its own: a MOOC.

This week SAIC launched “Touring Modernism: From the French avant-garde to American Pop and Beyond,” a 12 session MOOC run through online arts education company Kadenze. The class, which relies heavily on video and features artwork housed at the Art Institute, covers modern and postmodern art from the 19th and 20th centuries. The pricing is tiered, ranging from free to $900 for three course credits.

It’s the first time the Chicago art school has created a MOOC, though in the past they’ve offered hybrid online and in-person courses for students.

Instructor and dean of faculty Lisa Wainwright told SAIC she had always been “jittery about online education,” but said offering the course via MOOC would allow her to reach a wider, more diverse range of students. During the course, she’s also able to get out of the classroom and her videos take place at the Art Institute, where she’s often in conversation with SAIC professors and curators.

“What we’ll be doing in the future is carefully selecting the right tools and the right technologies to help enhance our courses,” added Alan Labb, associate provost of educational technology and innovation. “Playing with MOOCs, as well as online and blended courses, is just preparing us to understand that conversation better.”

Other Chicago universities offer a variety of MOOCs, including Northwestern University, University of Chicago, and University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. UIUC was also the first to offer a full MBA and computer science graduate degree through MOOCs.