Brand loyalty is crucial for businesses today. With more options and more ways to purchase items than ever before, many companies are working hard to develop strategies to keep customers coming back. And what better way to establish a core group of customers in the U.S. than being known as a flag waiving, apple pie in the window, baseball in the back yard, down-right American company.

Brad Keys, a New York brand and researching firm, released its annual list of the 25 Most Patriotic Brands in America. The companies were rated by more than 4,600 consumers ages 16-65 who were asked to rank the brands on a scale of 1-100. Below are the top 10, including Chicago-based Wrigley’s, which moved up five spots from its No. 9 ranking last year.

1. Jeep (98%)

2. Levi Strauss (97%)

3. Coca-Cola (95%)

4. Wrigley’s/Colgate/Disney/Zippo (93%)

5. Ford/Harley Davidson/ ?Ralph Lauren (91%)

6. Apple/Gillette (90%)

7. Hershey’s/Walmart (89%)

8. Amazon (88%)

9. New Balance (87%)

10. AT&T/Google (86%)

Other Illinois companies that cracked the list of 25 include No. 15 John Deere (80%), No. 19 Walgreens (76%), No. 23 Sears (72%), and No. 24 McDonald’s (71 %).

Photo via Wiki Commons