Sidecar, the often-forgot about third option in the ride-sharing world, is tweaking its business model to compete with giants like Uber and Lyft, but it’s gaining a whole new set of competitors.

Sidecar announced Monday that it will launch same-day delivery service nationwide, a feature it was testing with companies in San Francisco for the past 6 months. Called Sidecar Deliveries, the company has been using its drivers as both a chauffeur and delivery service, which has resulted in San Fran drivers earning 75% more when they delivered both riders and packages, Sidecar said.

The service is expected to roll out across the country in the next couple of months.

Same-day delivery will make up half of Sidecar’s business by the end of 2015, the company noted, marking a serious shift in focus, presumably due to the massive success of Uber and Lyft. Sidecar says it’s offering companies same-day delivery 80% cheaper than traditional services.

“Our vision is that one day any business will be able to take an order and get it to the customer in an hour, and Sidecar will be the service that powers this capability,” the company said in a blog post. “This unique combination of people and packages makes shipping so affordable, same-day delivery is now accessible for large and small businesses alike.”

Sidecar said the feature will also result in added benefits for riders, as it will result in more drivers, shorter wait times, and lower prices.

The company has already partnered with ordering service EAT24, and it’s looking for more e-commerce companies who want to outsource their deliveries.

Same-day delivery is competitive both nationally and locally, as Sidecar will have to compete with the likes of Amazon, Postmates, Google and possibly even Uber on a national scale. In Chicago, companies like WeDeliver, Deliver My Grub, Fooda and others have a strong presence in the local delivery space.

But as more online retailers find the need for same-day orders, the pie may be large enough for another well-funded player like Sidecar.

“Our vision is that every business, large or small, will have the ability to offer same day delivery because they can outsource the cost and logistics to us. We’re on our way.”

Image via Sidecar