If you’re going to launch a startup out of your dorm room, it can help to launch the venture on more than a ramen noodle budget.

With that in mind, 18 student founders will have a shot at a $10,000 prize pool to get their dorm room ventures off the ground at the upcoming Future Founders’ U.Pitch competition.

At U.Pitch 18 student startups will pitch throughout the day to a panel of judges. Six will be chosen for a final competition in an evening event (held November 10 from 5:30 to 8:30 at 1871) where they will have 90 seconds each to pitch their startups to a live audience and judges. Startups have a shot at taking home a part of the $10,000 prize pool.

This is the third annual U.Pitch from Future Founders, an organization that supports college and recent graduate entrepreneurs. Previous winners of Future Founders U.Pitch include Daniel Yu, founder of Sokowatch (formerly Reliefwatch) and Jason Doering, founder of Seed Slide.

Judges haven’t been announced yet, but last year the judges panel included ContextMedia cofounder Shradha Agarwal, and Shark Tank star and FUBU founder Daymond John.

Here’s a look at the 18 semifinalists for Future Founders U.Pitch.

  • Keyante Aytch, 3Dime Designs, DePaul University (IL)
  • Michael Black, ParkingBee, Pennsylvania State University (PA)
  • Linwood Butler, MT Music Transporter, University of Tampa (FL)
  • Claire Coder, AuntFlow, Ohio State University (OH)
  • Vinesh Kannan, Omnipointment, Illinois Institute of Technology (IL)
  • Arjun Kapoor, Scala Computing, Inc., University of Chicago (IL)
  • Tom Kruse, Win-Kel Peer-to-Peer Storage, Indiana University (IN)
  • Jason Lees, GoSpot, Northwood University (MI)
  • Jekolia Matuszewicz, UhTa Ancient Brews, Colorado College (CO)
  • Eddy Mejia, ShoeBoxOne, University of Illinois at Chicago (IL)
  • Dulbadrakh (Daniel) Natsagdorj, Urban Delivery, University of Illinois at Chicago (IL)
  • Gabe Owens, WiNot, Washington University in St. Louis (MO)
  • Matthew Rooda, SwineTech, Inc., University of Iowa (IA)
  • Pranay Singh, Averia Health, University of Chicago (IL)
  • Parisa Soraya, Find Your Ditto, University of Michigan (MI)
  • Riley Tart, MidTrade, Auburn University (AL)
  • Jordan VandeKamp, ApptProvider, Trinity Christian College (IL)
  • Ben Weiss, Zcruit, Northwestern University (IL)