For years, the threat of cancer from too much sunlight has made people think twice about spending hours by the pool. But now new research shows that a lack of sunlight may also be detrimental to your health. Luckily, one company is trying to bring the sun indoors.

The Sunn Light, created by Skokie native John Ciecholewski, is an LED light that changes in color and brightness with the rhythm of the sun. The light matches the intensity of the sun based on your location and time and is updated to the minute. The Sunn Light launched on Kickstarter in November, and with 18 days left to go has already surpassed its goal of $50,000. More than 250 backers have contributed nearly $60,000 as of Monday morning.

As the sun rises in the morning, the Sunn Light begins to gradually get brighter. By the afternoon it becomes a cool white light, slowly dimming and becoming warmer as the sun sets. Before bed the Sunn Light resembles the light from a fire, and by nighttime you can you can set it to moon glow to help find your way around the bedroom.

The Sunn Light is designed to improve sleep and increase focus by helping adjust our internal clocks to the right time of day. According to the Economist, proper lighting promotes a healthy sleep-wake cycle, and artificial light from incandescent bulbs can keep us less alert. The Economists suggests, “our homes could mirror the natural world, with shining blue in the morning, and gentler reds and greens later. You can already set your sprinklers or security systems from your phone. Why not your lights?”

That’s precisely what Sunn Light aims to do.

“We’ve grown accustomed to the dynamic nature of sunlight over the course of the day as the earth rotates and over the year due to the earth’s tilt,” the Kickstarter reads. “Sunlight’s changing color, brightness and quality help to inform our internal clocks and environmental awareness of the time of day. Sunn lights correspond to these continuous changes to help guide our daily rhythms and activities.”

The Sunn Light comes in two sizes (19-inch and 24-inch) and costs $299 and $399 respectively on the Kickstarter page.

Image and video via Kickstarter