There’s another co-working option for residents on Chicago’s North Side who don’t want to trek all the way to River North to get some work done.

The Shift, which opened last week and is located at 4101 N. Broadway, wants to bring the atmosphere and amenities of downtown co-working spaces to Uptown. The 2,500 square foot facility officially opened two weeks ago and has 30 desks, a private meeting room, WiFi, printers, coffee and snacks.

Founder Nicole Vasquez, a resident of Uptown for the past eight years, said she wanted to give her neighbors a close place to work that wasn’t a coffee shop or library, where you’re dealing with spotty WiFi and fighting for power outlets.

“Everything is so concentrated in the River North area, which is great, but for the people on the North Side of Chicago, Lake View, Uptown, Wrigleyville, Andersonville, Ravenswood, we’re constantly going back downtown,” she said. “I started wondering, why can’t we bring a taste of what’s going on downtown to the North Side?”

Vasquez said that while people in Uptown were in need of a place to work, many were unfamiliar with the term “co-working space.” Part of her mission is show just why a space like this can be a positive work environment, she said.

“I’m really just trying to explain co-working in this area and de-mystify it,” she said.

The facility was named The Shift because people can purchase time in the building in four-hour shifts, rather than purchasing an entire day like other work hubs, Vasquez said. Shifts costs $16 during the week and $15 during the weekend. Monthly plans are also available and range from $112 to $240.

Vasquez said that The Shift was designed with the community in mind, and said it’s a much more productive environment that hopping from cafe to cafe.

“The reason that the one mural in here says ‘Uptown’ larger than my company name is that it’s a place for the neighborhood. It’s a place where people can work, learn and socialize.”

Check out these photos to get a look inside of The Shift:

Images courtesy of The Shift