Some day, winning at the slots could be as easy as tapping your wrist.

At least that’s the hope of two Chicago companies who have collaborated to create a casino-stlye slot machine app for the Apple Watch. LED Gaming, a 16-year-old gaming company founded by well-known game maker Larry DeMar, worked with Chicago-based game developer Purple Gator to launch Double Luck Nudge, an Apple Watch app that brings the experience of a casino slot machine to your wrist.

Using similar sounds, visuals and math models of traditional slot machine games–and using haptics (applying touch sensations through user interaction)–Double Luck Nudge provides an “immersive” experience similar to playing a real casino slot machine, Purple Gator CEO Andrew Nadhir said.

“Really, you’re bringing the casino right to your watch,” Nadhir said.

But there’s one key difference. You can’t actually win money from Double Luck Nudge. Not yet, at least. Steven DeMar, Larry’s brother and director of business development at LED Gaming, believes it won’t be long until online gambling becomes legal in the US. And when it does, his app will be ready to meet the demand of players, he said.

“We are closer than you think (to legalizing online gambling),” DeMar said. “The likelihood of it happening here is outstanding.”

Online gambling is currently illegal in much of the US, with the exception of Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. In those states online gambling is regulated and taxed, and New Jersey, for example, reported over $100 million in revenue after online gambling began in 2013.

DeMar believes that the added tax revenue will ultimately be the driving factor for legalizing gambling across the US.

“The fear of missing out on tax revenue that other states will experience will probably be what tips the scales,” he said.

Whether or not online gambling becomes more widely adopted in the US is anyone’s guess. Some experts believe we’re on our way towards making the industry legal again (the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 officially prohibited companies from offering online gambling in the US), and some think we may see it more broadly by the end of the decade.

DeMar said the app’s technology is ready to accept payment transactions when/if laws are changed. And the company hasn’t ruled out offering products specifically for those in gambling-approved states. LED Gaming could also offer a betting version of its app to areas outside of the US, where online gambling is legal in more than 85 countries, including the UK.

DeMar sees the app eventually accepting “micro payments,” where users would keep small dollar amounts in their account (between $1 and $10) and wager little bets at a time. He said the app could thrive during periods of “brief dead time” during someone’s day, like waiting in line for Starbucks or sitting on the L.

It will be interesting to see if Double Luck Nudge, which costs $2.99 in the app store, will ever actually handle payment transactions. But if gambling laws do in fact change, the company says it’s positioning itself to be one of the leaders in online gaming for Apple Watch.

Image via LED Gaming