Beach and barbeque goers that love playing “bags” (or cornhole, depending on what part of the country you’re from) can now transform their board into a golf course if a new local startup snags enough Kickstarter funding.

The company, TeeBags, was founded by Ryan Park, a Silicon Valley engineer, and Rich Kang, a Chicago-based designer. They launched the product on Kickstarter this month, and hope to raise $39,000 by Sept. 6.

The concept: A plastic turf board that lays over a cornhole board and transforms into a challenging golf hole. It’s made with specially-designed turf that allows golf balls to stay on it the same way bags do. There’s also an accompanying iOS app that provides players with gameplay summaries and rules, and allows them to track scores.

Because the board is made from a rigid, high-gloss ABS plastic, it’s “lightweight and portable, yet durable enough to play under any conditions,” the founders say on their Kickstarter page.

One set, which is currently selling for $59, comes with four white balls, four yellow balls and a bag to store them in. The founders tout that they’re designed to be heavy enough not to roll off the board, soft enough so that they’re indoor-friendly and bouncy enough to feel like a real golf ball.

As of Wednesday morning, TeeBags had 46 backers and more than $4,000 raised.