On Monday, Uber announced that it is launching a print magazine for its driver partners in Chicago and five other markets in an effort to foster a better sense of community with its drivers. Uber is piloting the program in Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, Boston, Ohio and Oklahoma.

Uber began delivering the magazine to its driver’s today, and the company expects to produce the magazine quarterly, according to Laura Altman, senior communications associate for Uber in Chicago.

“We hope this opens up another form of communication for our driver partners,” Altman said. “It’s another way for drivers to connect with Uber, and another way to connect with each other.”

The inaugural issue has health tips for drivers, including the best ways to sit while driving and how to stay properly hydrated. It also has tips from long-time Uber drivers and profiles on drivers who are highly ranked by customers.

If the magazine is a hit with drivers, Altman said Uber expects to roll it out into more markets.

Here’s a digital copy of what drivers are getting in their mailboxes today:

Uber's Momentum Magazine