This fall, students at Muchin College Prep, a Noble Network charter school in the Loop, started the school’s first ever robotics club.

Muchin Team (Image via GoFundMe)
Muchin Team (Image via GoFundMe)

This spring, they’re headed to a national robotics competition.

Muchin College Prep’s robotics club qualified for the national SeaPerch competition, a robotics competition sponsored by the Office of Naval Research that focuses on underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). Students are given a SeaPerch kit, with tools, parts, and a basic curriculum, and then tasked with creating an efficient, maneuverable underwater robot. Challenges at competitions include an obstacle course (where a robot has to go “swim” through hoops) and transporting materials underwater.

Students at Muchin received a donated SeaPerch kit this fall, and despite having “zero experience,” the team said, one of their two robots placed first in the regional competition. This qualified for the National SeaPerch competition at Louisiana State University next month. They’re currently raising $2,000 for the competition costs through a GoFundMe page.

“This year has been a big year of growth in terms of STEM opportunities for our students,” the team said on GoFundMe. “We have started several new clubs to help expose our students to the world of design and engineering. Attending Nationals will allow our students to see their hard work pay off and show them there are many opportunities within the world of engineering.”

Image credit: Petr Kratochvil CC0 1.0