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The wheels have fallen off in One Direction land. Like, seriously. Code red. Shit has hit the fan.

Apparently, member Zayn Malik has left the band, and some “Directioners” are blaming his management company, Modest Management, for forcing him from the group. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t, whatever.

Naturally, the go-to outlet for teen outrage is Twitter, and the hashtag #ModestWeHATEYou hit the Twittersphere sometime yesterday. To further express their frustration, fans attempted to contact to Modest Management directly, many of which began tweeting to the handle @Modest.

Unfortunately for One Direction fans, that account actually belongs to Chicago startup and mobile commerce platform Modest.com. The correct handle for the management group is actually @ModestMgmt.

This is Modest CEO Harper Reed.

The result was a lot of misguided teen angst, and a startup that seemed to have some fun with it. @CLINT is a programmer for Modest.





There were also many tweets like this:

And this:


Just mostly awful, nasty, horrible kinds of stuff. But at least this situation resulted in this wonderful photo: