Four Cincinnati companies have been named B Corporations by nonprofit organization B Lab.

The quartet represent companies that “meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability and aspire to use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems,” the B Lab website states.

B Corp-certified companies are apart of a global community of entrepreneurs and their enterprises who are using “business as a force for good.” Ultimately, B Lab hopes that via “the power of their collective voice,” other corporations will strive against each other to be “best for the world,” making a more “durable prosperity for all.”

There are only 2,249 companies with this certification throughout the world, and interested companies participate in a rigorous application process. There are 21 B Corp-certified companies in the state.

It begins with a six-step Performance Analysis, including a “B Impact Assessment.” This analyzes the applicant’s impact on its stakeholders.

Then, companies must meet legal requirements and sign the B Corp Declaration of Interdependence and Term Sheet before officially receiving the designation.

In a blog post on The UpRound by CircleUp, the author outlines the some of the advantages for businesses pursuing certification, such as an easy way to “make your values official for customers and shareholders,” encouraging attention from “passion-aligned” potential employees and inspiring more collaboration between other B Corps. 

We’ve rounded up those four companies with B Corp certifications in Cincinnati below.

Reynolds Jet

Certified Since: 2017
Company Mission:
“Since 2008, Reynolds Jet has established itself as one of the leading private jet charter and aircraft management companies by consistently providing exceptional boutique services and unparalleled quality to its customers,” its website states. “Large operator expertise, systems and knowledge fused with small operator agility, focus and attention to detail are among the key drivers for Reynolds Jet to consistently outperform any other in the business.”

Thrive Impact Sourcing, LLC

Certified Since: 2017
Company Mission:
“Thrive Impact Sourcing is an IT talent incubator delivering locally sourced IT solutions in the areas of software quality assurance, test automation and data quality consulting services, in addition to business analyst and software developer apprenticeship opportunities,” its website states. “Through smarter sourcing and a proven talent incubation model for new IT professionals, Thrive identifies, trains, mentors and launches a promising talent pipeline while delivering IT solutions today.”

Orchestrate Technologies 

Certified Since: 2017
Company Mission:
“Orchestrate Technologies strives to leverage integrated technologies to level the playing field for small to medium sized business and non-profits while enhancing the surrounding community and benefiting those who occupy it,” its website states. “Orchestrate Technologies was founded in 2013 to harmonize business, people, and technology in their community. Their goal is to simplify and streamline company’s functionality and maximize their return on investment, in both people and technology. They recognize that technology is driven by people and appreciate the need for uncomplicated, cost-effective solutions that allow businesses to be nimble and move their businesses forward.”

Ingage Partners, LLC

Certified Since: 2011
Company Mission:
“Ingage Partners delivers information technology and management consulting services to help their clients successfully navigate business and technology change,” its website states. “Ingage leverages their deep experience to provide high quality professional services, including project management, business and systems analysis, application development and organizational change management, to bring customized solutions to each client enabling them to achieve their business goals. They provide their services at competitive rates, collaborate with partners to win business, provide purposeful careers for their consultants and positively impact their charitable partners. Their mission is to be a force of positive change — both in their business relationships and in their community.”