After nearly 700 votes, the matchups are set for the second round of Colorado Inno’s inaugural Tech Madness bracket.

Round one featured a number of tight matchups, with many decided by only a few votes. In the tightest matchup, number one overall seed TeamSnap barely knocked off 16-seed NoCow by a three vote margin.

On the other side of the bracket, Rowdy Mermaid edged out ROAM by five votes in the seven-ten matchup.

It wouldn’t be a March Madness-style bracket without an upset, as 11-seed Zestful, beat out 6-seed Assignar, taking 58 percent of the votes.

It may be an upset when you consider only the seeds, but 9-seed Proximity Space easily defeated 8-seed Left Hand Robotics, garnering 91 percent of the vote. Proximity Space was the top vote getter of round one.

With Round 2 set, we’re excited to see 1-seed TeamSnap match up with 9-seed Proximity Space and upset story 11-seed Zestful take on Rachio.

Remember: readers are answering just one question – who would you invest in?

This can be interpreted a number of different ways. Is this about which startup could deliver the highest return? Who you think is the safest bet? Or is it about supporting a project or mission you’re passionate about? How ever you want to interpret that question is up to you. That’s Tech Madness!

Check out the updated bracket below and scroll down to get voting on Round 2! Voting will be open until March 20 and we will announce winners in the following day’s Beat.