Between the more than dubious postings on Craigslist, the ridiculous online scams, and the rough competition between other housing seekers, finding an apartment in D.C. is probably one of the most laborious processes a District resident can put themselves through. One of the biggest issues with the housing in this area is that this region as a whole is growing very quickly, and the number of people (especially young professionals) that want to live in the city continues to multiply exponentially. This is why the nature of D.C. housing posts tend to err on the side of being ephemeral and brief, people are looking for apartments to rent and the cheaper it is, the quicker it will get snatched up. There are actually a slew of apartment finding apps that have arisen recently just to deal with this ‘housing hunting’ dilemma, and many real estate offices offer services as well as realtors to aid anybody hitting brick walls in terms of finding apartments.

With that said, I have compiled a list of some of the more popular D.C. neighborhoods according to their prices according to Hotpad. I broke each listing down to the most expensive and least expensive neighborhoods (average rental) according to studios and one bedroom apartments. Some of the results from the list, including certain neighborhoods and popular hot spots for travel, will shock you in terms of price (in both a good way and a bad way). Hopefully this should shed some much needed insight and knowledge on D.C. housing for all you apartment hunters.

Most Expensive Studio Rental Prices in D.C.


Least Expensive Studio Rental Prices in D.C.


Most Expensive One Bedroom Rental Prices in D.C.


Least Expensive One Bedroom Rental Prices in D.C.


[images via DC urbanturf]