Finding the professors utilizing social media correctly tends to be really, really difficult. To be quite honest, there aren’t many out there that understand how to tweet effectively and in an entertaining way without sacrificing the value in their commentary and losing followers in the process. So to make your lives a little easier, I’ve developed a list of 11 D.C.-area professors that are using Twitter right. They’re the professors that tweet on a daily basis, provide interesting material for their social media audience, and leave you wanting to meet them face-to-face so that you can thank them personally for acting as your go-to news source. That said, here they are, folks:

1. Eric Koester – Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business – @erickoester

Koester is clearly passionate about startups, which is not only highly evident from looking at his Twitter feed, but obvious given the fact that he’s a Co-founder of thriving venture His love for entrepreneurship translates online with his tweets ranging from inspiring quotes to one-liners about life as a startup founder. He also uses emoticons, says “sh*t”, and references Ghostbusters II. NBD.

2. Scott Talan – Assistant Professor at American University – @talan

Talan is well known for his tweeting capabilities, which is probably much thanks to the fact that he uses the social media platform in the classroom as a teaching tool. You’d think that professors focused on media, PR, and communications would be prolific on Twitter, but turns out most aren’t: Talan is the exception. What’s really cool about Talan is that he supports his students use of Twitter too, often retweeting their quotes from class and corresponding with them about meeting times, classes, etc. all through social media. He’s also pretty witty. 

3. Dan Cohen – Associate Professor in the Department of History and Art History at George Mason University – @dancohen

The co-author of Digital History: A Guide to Gathering, Preserving, and Presenting the Past on the Web, Cohen definitely understands the value of social media. He takes to Twitter to host conversations on interesting topics while all the while highlighting some really awesome things happening at universities worldwide. He even posted about Harvard’s archive of really old board games with some pretty amazing titles. Suffice to say that Cohen’s a professor you should be following. I mean come on, he has used the terms “gangsta” and “badass” in tweets before. 

4. Gary Schirr – Associate Professor of Marketing at Radford University – @ProfessorGary

A huge fan of innovation and an interest in social media marketing and entrepreneurship, Twitter’s a favorite of Schirr’s. He uses the social media tool to ask the hard questions about controversial topics and promotes the work of those he believes in. He also tweets about things like naps and the classes he teaches.

5. Bob Bruner – Professor of Business Administration at University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business – @Bob_Bruner

Bruner isn’t just a professor, he also doubles as dean of the Darden School of Business. Holding a position of power such as that requires that he be on top of all things new and up-and-coming, hence his prominent Twitter presence. He tweets about relevant topics that mostly have to do with the intersection of business and education, but he also likes his maps as many of his tweets have nifty infographics attached.

6. Dave Saunders – Adjunct Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University – @madmain

He loves the Skins, checks in everywhere, and apparently gives really good LinkedIn recommendations. Saunders is a man of many talents, and uses Twitter to show ’em all off. The best thing about Saunders Twitter account has got to be the fact that he obviously uses it more for conversations rather than just to post the daily link of the day. Well, and for entertaining his followers with photos and vines.

7. Bryan Caplan – Professor of Economics at George Mason University – @bryan_caplan

His commentary on articles is awesome and he even retweets his students’ questions from class, Caplan knows how to use Twitter and is doing it right. Whether it’s posting about the hot topic of the day or randomly tweeting about acts that “aren’t charity” (see tweet below), Caplan allows his followers to not only be informed, but also smiling from ear-to-ear.

8. John Boyer – Professor of Geography at Virginia Tech – @plaidavenger

Professor by day and masked superhero by night, Boyer has by far the most entertaining Twitter feed I’ve ever seen. As a professor that teaches more than 3,000 students in one class, though, I assume that he has plenty of material to work with when posting on social media. He says things like “party on,” emphasized with an exclamation mark of course, and he takes photos of his travels all over the world for his followers to gawk at. He’s just…awesome.

9. Orin Kerr – Research Professor of Law at George Washington University – @OrinKerr

If you want hard law news, Kerr’s your man. He gives his take on different issues he finds important, supporting his argument with a sufficient amount of evidence as well. There’s no question about it: Kerr sure enjoys picking apart cases, which would explain his profession of choice and nerdy commentary (note: I mean that in the best way possible. Nerd on!).

10. Anthony Sanders – Professor of Finance George Mason University – @AnthonyBSanders

His research in financial institutions, securitization, real estate finance, investments, and the like read loud and clear on Sander’s Twitter account. He tends to promote a lot of his own work, and for good reason. Then there are also the occasional quirky tweets…

11. Shashi Bellamkonda – Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University – @shashib

It’s all business on Bellamkonda’s Twitter feed, and I like it. He sticks to tweeting about important advice for entrepreneurs and other relevant news like Twitter’s IPO. He loves his tech talk too, for he often posts about innovation. There are times he does stray off topic, though, and you see his rather humorous side.