The air outside has the heat and humidity of a sauna, the sun is beating down relentlessly, and the streets are packed with tourists: we’re officially in a D.C. summer heat wave. As the intolerable heat outside reaches epic levels of both temperature and humidity, this Thursday is being forecasted as one of the hottest and muggiest days of the summer. Thankfully, Capitol Hill is offering a much needed respite from the brutal heat in the form of the 30th Annual Capitol Hill Ice Cream Party.

Every year, the International Ice Cream Association partners with the Milk Industry Foundation and the National Cheese Institute to throw a massive ice cream party for the members of Congress, their families, and their staff. If you’re thinking this is going to be a small get together with a few tubs of ice cream, you are sorely mistaken. This is the crčme de la crčme of ice cream parties, boasting 2,000 gallons of ice cream and frozen yogurt, 6,000 root beer floats, and 44 cases of sundae toppings.

They have really pulled out all the stops on this ice cream party, so even if you have a particular allegiance to a specific brand of ice, you will probably find it in the dizzying number of ice cream companies that are co-sponsoring the event. Some of these brands you’ve probably heard of, including:  the American Beverage Association; Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream Ltd.; Dippin’ Dots; Friendly Ice Cream Corp.; Galliker Dairy Company; Hunter Farms; The Ice Cream Club, Inc.; Jack & Jill Ice Cream;J.M. Smucker; Mayfield Dairy; Mars Incorporated; Perry’s Ice Cream; Prairie Farms Dairy Inc.; Turkey Hill; and Well’s Dairy, Inc.

With temperatures ramping up to hit the triple digits on Thursday, Congress couldn’t pick a better day to throw this shindig. We’re sending our very own Kate Tummarello to cover the event, so be sure to look out for our article on Friday with pictures from the event! Who doesn’t want to look at pictures politicians sweating on a hot day, pounding their body weight in frozen dairy products?

[image via zimbio]