When it comes to drinking in D.C., it’s difficult to cut through the deafening noise of reviews and really discern what accounts as a ‘good’ bar and what can be considered a ‘bad’ bar because at the end of the day, everything boils down to preferences. Do you enjoy fist pumping at places like Love and Ibiza? Then no, you probably won’t enjoy a good dive bar like Solly’s or Wonderland Ballroom. Do you love drinking beer out of mason jars? Then you’re probably going to hate slamming down Red Bull Vodkas and dancing up on people at places like Eden or Ultra Bar. With that said, we’ve ditched any attempt to create a fair and balanced list of what the best bars are in a specific neighborhood and have instead come up with a wildly objective list that is based on our own personal tastes and expectations when it comes to drinking. Part of the reason you’re reading this article is because you probably share some or many view points as the author (or you’re at least curious to what we chose), so hopefully you will agree with our picks. Or not.

For all of you who wildly disagree with our methodology or choices, express your feelings in the comments section.

So here you have it, five of the best bars of Columbia Heights.