On Tuesday, five lobbyists from one of the most lucrative firms on K Street, announced that they were launching their own lobbying house.

Partners Becky Anderson, Mike Beer, Bert Carp, Jenny DiJames and Patrick Pettey all recently left Williams & Jensen, a firm that raked in a net profit of $17.6 million last year. Their new shop, called Alignment Government Strategies, will also be run by Leo Jardot, an in-house lobbyist for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.

Williams & Jensen has been unique compared to other lobbying shops in Washington, in that it’s primary focus is lobbying versus other legal or public relations operations. As a result, the majority of the lobbyists on staff there have deep ties to the federal government. Of those partners leaving for example, Mike Beer worked in Representative David Hobson’s office and Jenny DiJames served under Representative Bud Cramer.

Williams & Jensen is also well established within the insurance, securities, and pharmaceutical industries. In 2013, their top 10 retainers included the American Council of Life Insurers, Pfizer, and Vanguard Group. Lobbying reports show that the five who left the firm were the ones responsible for managing these big accounts.

According to the press release, Alignment Government Strategies describes itself as a bipartisan lobbying firm specializing in banking, nuclear, telecommunications, defense, energy and transportation issues.

“Mid-career is when you think about doing something entrepreneurial and having your own thing,” Carp told The Washington Post about the new venture. “It seemed like a terrific opportunity to do something new. It’s an outgrowth of what we did at our former firm.”

Considering recent lobbying trends showing a departure from large firms to more specialized boutique shops with a smaller client base, Alignment Government Strategies may just having a winning formula on their hand by pairing decades of experience representing major corporations with a more localized and personal touch.

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