This year was not great for Millennials.

Sure, Jennifer Lawrence turned up the sass on the red carpet and Lena Dunham changed our lives with her charmingly depressing and all too realistic series Girls, but despite all of the spectacular 20-somethings who have made 2013 a year we’ll never forget, the media’s coverage of Millennials, depicting the up-and-comers as a population that’s ruining the country, sort of overshadowed all of the success found this year.

The dismal, oft poorly supported arguments tearing down Millennials one right after another were carefully crafted to rock ’em at their core, to break down the “entitled” generation and put them back in the place they belong: at the bottom rung of the ladder.

The thing is, while the media may think they’ve won this year, Millennials have fought back. They’ve defended themselves while conceding to their imperfections. Imperfections they accept not as debilitating characteristics of their generation, but beneficial, au natural aspects they proudly tout. 

So while these nine condescending headlines may have been published to highlight the problems with Millennials nowadays, use them as fuel. Next year will be a more promising one. Prove them wrong.