Welcome to InTheCapital’s ‘A Day in the Life’, an article series where we spotlight a noteworthy person in the local D.C. community whose day-to-day life is so interesting/fascinating/all-around fantastic that it warrants our readership’s attention.

Kate is a nurse who works in the Emergency Room at Georgetown University Hospital.  When Kate’s not helping patients, you can find her jogging along the Potomac or hanging out pool-side.

Morning: I typically get up at 5:45 a.m. so I have time to shower, get ready, put lunch together and have a quick bite to eat before leaving for work.  I’m sure my neighbors hate me, but I’ll absolutely blast 90’s music while I’m getting ready in the morning.  For breakfast I’ll generally have some green tea and eat an apple with peanut butter before leaving, and then when I get to work I’ll grab some oatmeal.

I commute from Georgetown, so I commute by foot, and that takes about 20 minutes.  I always call my dad on the way to work, it’s our early morning phone date and one of the highlights of my day.

Midday (AKA Work):  The difficult and exciting thing about working in an Emergency Room is I have no clue what my work day will look like. It could be crazy-busy from the minute I arrive, or it could be slow and explode later in the day. That being said, I can always tell if it’s going to be a rough day when I arrive to find multiple ambulances in front of the building.  On a daily basis I’ll see everything from a sprained ankle to someone being revived by CPR.

Most of my co-workers are mid-late twenties and amazing people to work with. Due to the difficult nature of the ER, teamwork is so important. We are all willing to drop a less significant task to help out with a critical patient. I am extremely lucky to have such great co-workers. Most ER nurses are quite young because it’s so physically demanding to be running around for 12hrs at a time.


Evening:  If nothing too crazy is happening I’ll leave work around 7:30 p.m.  My walk home from work is very therapeutic– it gives me 20 minutes to zone-out and try to stop the adrenaline which has been pumping all day.

When I get home I immediately take a shower then make dinner. If it was a long day, I usually just curl up on the couch and watch some mindless TV.

When I don’t go to the hospital, I part-time babysit to help cover rent costs, so I’m very busy on my days off. I love to go for long runs early in the morning and then make a huge “brunch” for myself. If I’m not working on the weekends (I often am) I’ll either head out of the city to go for a hike or if the weather is nice I’ll hang out at the pool.