A Washington D.C. Superior Court judge has ruled that Adam Kokesh, the self-styled suburbanite revolutionary and gun-nut activist, is ‘dangerous’ and ordered that he remain in jail until his trial.  Kokesh is charged with one count of carrying a gun outside a home or place of business, after he posted a YouTube video of himself loading a shotgun in Freedom Plaza on the 4th of July. For the stunt, Kokesh now faces up to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.  If convicted, that means that every second of that video could cost Kokesh 83 days in a cell and $227– not exactly a healthy return on investment.

Police searched Kokesh’s home and found 9 weapons, including a pump-action shotgun that was supposedly used in the video, marijuana, hallucinogenic mushrooms and ‘other suspected narcotics’.  For his part, Kokesh’s lawyer pointed out that there really is no way of knowing if the gun that police found in his house was the one he was seen loading in Freedom Plaza.  That being said, there’s really no way of knowing if Kokesh used a real gun at all and not just a prop– though he has publicly stated that the gun was real.  Police say that the shotgun they found in his apartment had 4 shells loaded in it, the same number that you can watch Kokesh load into the gun in Freedom Plaza.

The judge, Magistrate Judge Frederick Sullivan, wasn’t buying the defenses’s arguments and found that there was probable cause that Kokesh violated D.C.’s notoriously strict gun laws.  “I consider your client a very dangerous man,” Judge Sullivan said.  “You don’t make a political statement with a gun.”

Indeed you don’t.

Kokesh got Washington’s attention several months ago when he began preparing for an ‘armed march’ on Washington D.C.  Washington police responded with a public vow to arrest anyone seen violating the District’s notoriously strict gun laws.  Kokesh called off that protest, claiming he was instead focusing his energy on creating multiple armed marches on all of the state’s capitals.  That never happened either.  Instead Kokesh shot the video of himself loading a gun in Freedom Plaza and titled it, “Armed March on Washington D.C. a Success.”