Congratulations D.C., we have earned yet another stunning superlative title that has launched our fair city into the top echelons of “green thinking” cities: Washington, D.C. ranks as the most environmentally conscious city in the country. In the spirit of Earth Day (which was this past Sunday for all you folks who weren’t celebrating), MaxPoint Interactive released the results of an extensive index study that analyzed billions of data points on neighborhoods that are the most eco-friendly. It seems as if specific D.C. neighborhoods, Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle, and North Old Town, have been ranked the most passionate about environmental news and issues which has snagged our city the lofty title of being the most environmentally conscious city in America.

How did we do it?  By sacrificing a lot of goats to Al Gore.

Just kidding. The study actually broke down segments of the population dubbed “talkers”, and “walkers”. According to MaxPoint Interactive’s study, there are two types of people who go green: people who show interest in environmental issues by reading and discussing topics related to these subjects (talkers), and then there are those who make purchasing decisions to support green efforts such as environmentally-friendly products (walkers).

Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle, and North Old Town are apparently of the talking variety, where discussions on energy efficiency, hybrid cars, and carbon footprints are high-trending topics of conversation. The “walkers” seem to actually be found in the city second on this list, Austin TX, which has a population who’s more likely to buy environmentally-friendly products that support green efforts.

Here is how the rest of the list shook down:

  1. — Washington DC
  2. — Austin, TX
  3. — Honolulu, HI
  4. — San Francisco, CA
  5. — Medford, OR
  6. — Portland, ME
  7. — Tampa, FL
  8. — Burlington, VT
  9. — Milwaukee, WI
  10. — Columbus, OH

So here is a big cheers to being the most environmentally conscious city in America D.C., keep up the good fight in protecting the planet!

[image via NewsGroper]