As Apple’s biggest event in years gets underway, everyone in the tech industry went into it with their own set of predictions, even D.C.’s app developers.

Apple is expected to unveil a suite of new iPhones, artificial reality applications and more.

So, we asked the local experts: What do you predict will come of Apple’s event today? Here’s what they said:

DJ Saul, iStrategyLabs

DJ Saul, iStrategyLabs CMO and managing director

“I’m expecting to see the major focus fall on ARKit, which is truly set to be a game changer, creating new businesses and perhaps an industry.”

“With Google’s announcement of ARCore, and Facebook increasing their focus on in-app AR experiences — Apple will certainly seek to stay ahead of the game, bringing AR (information, data, content, games, and more) to the palm of our hands.”

Peter Van, project manager at Mobomo

Peter Van, Mobomo

“Apple has definitely worked on the cutting edge of design, but has kind of gotten flak for the last several years to offering catch-up and me-too features. The information that has leaked so far is interesting, and furthers a deeper integration into your phone.”

“iOS 11, with ARKit, their Augmented Reality component, will be pretty big. We expect a majority of our clients to look to us to update their applications to be iOS 11 compatible. We already have customers looking to us to look into how the ARKit can enhance their capabilities.”

Juan Incaurgarat, WordPress developer at Mobomo

Juan Incaurgarat, Mobomo

“The iPhone is the main product announced today — will be very cool but expensive. The media will talk about the new iPhone and it will explode between this announcement and it’s release in Sept. 22. Expect to see reviews everywhere.” 

“It will impact a lot since it’s a big change for the iPhone and it’s users — those who have an app in the app store need to make sure there app is compliant with the new updates.”