An AU grad is putting a (nail) polish on her new app

  • American University alumna Aviva Kamler officially launched her SHELF Cosmetics app this week, offering a new way for women to track, review, share and even learn about the health impacts of different kinds of nail polish. Read my interview with Aviva and her fellow alumna Trish Robbins about how the startup came together as a result of going through AU’s own incubator, leveraging their membership in the Chi Omega sorority and interviewing over a thousand women to find out what to put in the app.

CISA is causing a civil war in tech

  • The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act is expected to come to the Senate floor and it could change everything for , consumer tech companies. Chris Bing took a look at why this legislation is so important and how the lines are being drawn among different tech companies. Check out the battle line-up in his story here.

Howard University’s incubator looks for leadership

  • D.C. is dropping more dollars on tech in the District. Howard University is working with the D.C. government to build a brand new space for tech entrepreneurs and investors aimed at increasing the diversity of the industry in D.C. The school put out an announcement seeking someone to run the new space and the District is pitching in plenty of money to make it all work. Read more about how the city is investing in the incubator in our full story here.

Why freelancers are better

  • Freelancers make more money, and, even when they don’t, they’re more happy, positive and even more likely to be engaged enough in politics to vote. Find out more about why the freelancer’s life is so tempting in Brian Warmoth’s full story on a new survey here.