Today @BarackObama tweeted “Cool” with a link to this Tumbir.

In an effort to gain more support for his campaign, President Obama and his media relations team constructed Facebook timeline cover photos.

With these cover photos there is a link attached to transfer you to his website in order to contribute to his campaign. This sly new use of social media is a smart tactic. With timeline dominating the Facebook scene, why not take advantage of it? Whoever came up with this idea definitely understands the trend Americans are following nowadays. The computer age is the new way to attract voters.

The fact that Obama is finding ways to relate to the younger generations will only boost his ratings with 18-29 year olds, which the president needs in order to get back to his 60% approval rating status. Gallup poll currently places him at 50% with this age group.

The best of all the timeline photos shown?

Who doesn’t love seeing the great relationship between the Obama family clan? Americans just can’t get enough of that love. Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy the new Obama timeline photos for they will surely be overloading your newsfeed.