Spring break is right around the corner, a welcomed reprieve for gay college students who have wrestled with sleep deprivation due to many a late night studying for midterms. Though the lack of Zzzs may inhibit their ability to think logically, their wish to escape and venture off into the sunshine with countless mojitos to gorge on allows them to maintain some sense of sanity. And soon, their dreams of swim suit appropriate weather will become a reality.  For those of us who reside in the District, this is the time of the year the city becomes quite a bit less congested and well, a whole lot less noisy. And for the gay population of college student in D.C., this is the time they take to travel to some of the most highly sought after, spectacularly beautiful places the country has to offer.

Destination traveling website MissTravel.com surveyed around 15,400 users who labeled themselves as gay college students to discover the top gay spring break destinations. With 902 gay student travelers intending on shipping off to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the week, the Sunshine State hotspot was given the number one title. Palm Springs, California with 633 planned trips didn’t fall far behind and Key West, Florida rounded off the top three list with 569 trips.

Per the results, it was clear that Florida dominated as one of the most attractive travel destinations for the gay population. Others that made the list included places like Las Vegas, Nevada (who doesn’t want to earn a little extra cash at the casinos while sunbathing on the hotel roof) and Cancun, Mexico (well that’s no surprise).

Interested in finding out which other locations made it into the top 10 gay spring break destinations? Check out those below. It’s never too late to book a last minute ticket…just saying *hint*hint*nudge*nudge*.