More people than ever this holiday season will shop online. We’ve already seen it on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and even more on Cyber Monday. But what many people might forget is that though they sit in the comfort of their homes, protected from the outside world, they can still easily become the victims of cybercrime.

Tenable, a Columbia, Md., company that provides security solutions for online networks, asserts that more than any other time of the year, cyber criminals try to take advantage of online shoppers vulnerabilities during the holidays. In fact, it’s estimated that there will be about $5.4 billion in losses throughout the holidays just from stolen credit and payment card information. And because of the hecticness of the holidays (this year in particular, because the gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas is shorter), any cyber-breaches or -thefts are often not recognized until long after the fact. So it goes, as Tenable wrote in a blog post, instead of “The Most Wonderful TIme of the Year,” the holidays become “the most vulnerable time of the year.”

On that blog post, Tenable also provided a jolly infographic to help breakdown how shoppers are flocking to the Internet and mobile, how cyber-criminals take advantage of shoppers and what you can do to avoid being a victim. If you’re going to shop online this December, which you probably will, then you should probably give this infographic a look.