Don’t you hate it when the Maryland National Guard drops a fake bomb on your car? Well it may not happen as often or as casually as that last question suggested, but it certainly shocked patrons of a bar in Maryland when a practice bomb landed in its parking lot Thursday night.  The organization is blaming this alarming incident on a potential electronic failure, but I suspect that will come as little relief to those of us who now have to worry about fake bombs falling on us from the sky.

“This is an unfortunate incident and we’re very lucky that no one was hurt.  Safety is a top priority in all operations,” guard spokesman Lt. Col. Charles Kohler told WTOP.  Unfortunately the colonel’s priorities don’t line up with reality.

Apparently what happened was an A-10 Warthog jet was on a training mission last night out of Warfield Air National Guard Base in Maryland.  As it was returning to base, the plane dropped an inert bomb onto Darlene’s Tavern’s parking lot in Sudlersville, Maryland. A bar patron came in and said that he thought the parking lot was on fire.  Upon further investigation, a car was found covered in dust next to a three foot deep hole– which was when the police were called.  Can you imagine going outside for a cigarette and having a bomb fall out of the sky in front of you? Even if it’s fake, I’m sure nothing tightens up your sphincter faster than a hunk of metal falling out of the sky next to you.

To put things in perspective though, the bomb landed about 100 feet from the bar itself and near some propane tanks so this situation could have been much worse.  Still, I can’t help but be a little worried that the next time I go out for a cigarette in a parking lot, there is a small chance of having a chunk of sky metal splitting me in two.

[Image via wmar]