On Tuesday night, President Obama will deliver his annual State of the Union address, speaking on topics like the economy, immigration, NSA leaks and healthcare to a televised audience of millions of Americans. Though these addresses are usually fairly uplifting and interesting, it’s still an hour-long speech with zoom-ins and zoom-outs of elected officials in suits. You can make your SOTU watching experience more fun, though, with some drinking games.

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Inevitably, President Obama will use some of the same buzzwords over and over when he’s up at the podium tomorrow, and certain politicians will be sure to pull their own quirky mannerisms.

Plan your SOTU drinking game with some of these guidelines, and be sure to tailor it to your situation (some of us of have work the next day).

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1. The most important rule: Always drink with Vice President Biden and Speaker Boehner. When they drink from their glasses of water, so do you, from your beer or cocktail.

2. Drink every time the president uses one of the following words. The more buzzwords you use, the more drunk you’ll get, so pick five or split up the buzzwords among you and your friends if you need to watch your drinking. Then again, if you want to get wasted, feel free to use them all:

  • Middle class
  • Government
  • Economy
  • Energy
  • Budget
  • Congress
  • Job
  • Labor
  • Tax
  • Climate
  • Weather
  • Healthcare
  • NSA
  • America
  • Children
  • Minimum Wage
  • Children

3. Finish your drink when Biden stands and Boehner remains seated.

4. Take three sips of your drink when Biden’s glasses change position (on his head to off his head, chews them in his mouth, etc).

5. Take two sips of your drink when the camera zooms in on a stone-faced politician who remains stone-faced. Take an extra two sips if he or she changes that expression (smiles, claps, stands up, etc).

6. Take two sips when there is a standing ovation. Drink two more if the camera then pans to the entire room.

Happy drinking!

Image via White House