A special wedding hashtag for social media is the 21st century addition to the veil, bouquet and something blue. Friends and family using the hashtag to post to Twitter and Instagram is nice, but they get drunk, pick bad angles and don’t always know the importance of the right filter. But now, brides and grooms who want their perfect day to look just as good online have a professional option. D.C.-based Tweet the Bride is a new service providing a social media manager to cover everything from the first spritz of hairspray to the last glass of champagne for digital posterity.

Tweet the Bride was founded by Sophie Pyle as a service of her social media company [Full disclosure: Pyle is a former InTheCapital writer]. After noticing some high-end hotels in New York City offering a social media person in wedding packages, it hit her that the time was ripe for designated social media person at a wedding.

“Every wedding these days has a photo booth,” Pyle said, citing a previous trend that went from an outlandish wedding addition to a quite common feature. “I think this is what will be next.”

It’s a lot like a high-tech version of the society pages used by socialites to announce engagements and weddings to their social peers. Convincing people that they wanted a social media specialist for their wedding wasn’t as perfectly straightforward as soliciting a newspaper announcement though.

Sophie Pyle

“The first one was the hardest to get,” Pyle admitted. “I had no prior examples to show the couple and I’m so glad they took a chance. And it turned out great.”

At first offering her services as a promotional gimmick, Pyle now offers Tweet the Bride services at what might seem rather shocking prices, until you remember how crazily expensive weddings get in general. For up to six hours of social media, she charges $700, she charges $850 for up to eight hours, $1,000 for up to ten hours and $1,150 for 12 hours.

As for how the process actually works, Pyle shows up when the bride begins to get ready with her phone out and prepped. She takes thousands of pictures and carefully curates three an hour to share with the world. Those pictures and three tweets every hour paint an image of the wedding in real time.

“Three an hour is the magic number,” Pyle said. “You don’t want to put up too many too quickly.”

She mostly follows the bride until the ceremony begins, saving those pictures to post later so as not to spoil what the bride is wearing before she walks down the aisle. Using her phone for hours straight, she makes sure to pack external batteries to recharge her phone, as she goes through around 300 percent of her battery during a wedding.She also has to work around photographers uncertain of her role, staying friendly with them during the wedding. Pyle said she enjoys the excitement of capturing a wedding as it happens, time pressure and all.

“It all looks incredible on Instagram,” she said, and that after all is the point. “I want to brand [Tweet the Bride], make it something people will trust.”

So far, Tweet the Bride is just has been managed social media two weddings and has several more booked for the fall, marking a tentative success. Pyle is bringing on interns and plans to hire photographers to expand beyond the D.C. area, especially in the South.

“In the South, brides tend to be very young,” she said. “Having social media at a wedding makes sense to them.”

She also wants to eventually expand beyond weddings, tweeting all kinds of parties. For now though, weddings are more than enough to keep her and her fledgling business busy, giving the brides and grooms an instant photo album and letting anyone unable to attend in person experience it vicariously.

“Every wedding, every bride is looking for something unique,” Pyle said. “This makes sure their wedding is special.”

As a special offer, if you book Tweet the Bride before July 31 and mention you heard about it from InTheCapital, you can get $200 off your booking.

Images Courtesy of Tweet the Bride