A few days ago, Quin Woodward Pu’s break-up text blog post on her “LittleBlackBlog” went viral on sites like Gawker, Buzzfeed, and right here on InTheCapital. A guy she briefly dated turned out to not be so interested so she let him have it via text message. The article ignited a lot of heated comments on multiple websites, including over 800 on her original post. In spite of the public flogging, it turns out she has no regrets about her aggressive reaction to his seemingly innocent and honest break-up text…and she has plans for a third book.

Here is our follow-up interview with Pu after yesterday’s online blowout:

InTheCapital: How many dates did you go on with this guy?

Quin Woodward Pu: Two! JUST TWO.

ITC: Do you regret sending the texts to him after reading the feedback on sites like Buzzfeed and Gawker?

QWP: Nah. I am a writer. This is what writing–and journalism–should do. It should incense. It should evoke, if not provoke. The reason this story has caught so much attention is because it is relatable, on both sides of the gender line. To be fair, the man has both my books; he also knew what he was getting himself into.

ITC: What advice would you give girls in similar text break up situations?

QWP: Well, to be clear, the genesis of the fury came from a story that has largely been edited out for sensationalist reasons. The man had just 24 hours prior broached a DTR*, which I politely shelved for the time being (that is not in the original blog post because it seemed unnecessarily merciless to point that out, but I see now that it is an integral part of setting up my reaction), and who asked if he could spend an entire weekend with me. For him to suddenly “dump” me after I’d already politely pumped the brakes on our still-nascent “relationship”–that is what caused the anger, to try to preemptively end things before they’d even begun because he felt I was pulling away.

[*DTR= Define The Relationship. When a couple decides to be exclusive.]

ITC: What kind of a guy do you see yourself with long term?

QWP: I don’t think I can envision that right now. I have always lived by the mantra, “festina lente,” or, “make haste, slowly.” I walked away from medical school after thinking that’s where I’d be for the two decades leading up to it. I published my first book almost accidentally, because I never thought I’d actually commit to the whole “writing” thing. When the time is right, I’ll land where I am supposed to land.

ITC: Are you looking for a relationship?

QWP: My goodness, no! As if that weren’t evident from everything already. DC is a great place to date, but only to date. A lot of blowback comes in comments like, “QWP is never getting married.” I’m sorry, but how antiquated of a notion is that?! Do you know me? Do you know if that’s even what I want for myself? That is where the “I have two books and a condo” comment came in to play. No, I do not think I am ballin’ out of control because I have DC real estate. I am simply saying, “I am self sufficient with skills that will secure my future.” Dropping a lot of money on me is flattering and, admittedly, a lot of fun, but don’t kid yourself and think that’s the only thing going on here. That’s insulting to both you and me.

ITC: What advice would you give people who become overnight sensational internet stories?

QWP: Buckle up! I’ve had so many people ask me, “are you OK!?” Of course I am OK! I’ve spent my entire life working in public relations and social media. There is a reason why my websites are kept up-to-date, and why I consulted a lawyer the night before I went live with the post. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into, although I must say I was pleasantly startled with the velocity in which it arrived. When the lights get turned on, just be sure all your ducks are in a row.

ITC: How do you feel about the comments you received on your blog?

QWP: This way. As I said, I knew exactly what I was getting myself into!

ITC: Would you do anything differently the next time a guy falls out of interest?

QWP: Of course. I am not a one trick pony!

ITC: Have you noticed an uptick in book sales?

QWP: Of course! It’s been fantastic.

ITC: Do you have any plans for a third book?

QWP: Yes, I do! It’s about 25% done. It will cover my second year in DC, and of course include many, many more vignettes about the dysfunctional D.C. dating scene. Stay tuned!