Electric bicycles can be a great way to get around and get in shape without facing sweat stains at work after pedaling uphill. But now that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your current bike. Dulles, Va.-based Falco eMotors offers a straightforward solution with its new Falco eDrive kit, which can turn any bike into a hybrid electric bike that doubles as an indoor trainer.

Falco rolled out the new product this year at CES in Las Vegas, where company founder Rakesh Dhawan showed off the bike and its new components. Essentially, you replace one of the wheels, connect a motor and you’re all set with an electric bike. Of course, if you don’t want to deal with installing it, you can buy the company’s eCiti bike, which already has the tech installed. The conversion kit costs $1,149 and the complete bike costs $1,995 on the company’s website. The motor can get the bike up to speeds of 28 miles per hour and has a range of more than 100 miles, according to Dhawan, and the lithium battery is recharged by your pedaling, though you can plug it in if you want.

What really sets Falco apart from other electric bike makers is how the bikes double as indoor trainers. Keeping the bike stationary with a clamp and stand, Falco’s eDrive can broadcast information to a wide range of bike fitness apps like Zwift, Bkool, or TrainerRoad via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The motor and wheel then adjust in real-time to match any terrain. It can simulate what it’s like to ride on a road or gravel or dirt with resistance to match any angle of ascent or descent. The real-time feedback connects to a virtual display that shows you cycling wherever you choose, with fitness goals tied to the apps and even the chance to compete against other users around the world.

Check out Dhawan explaining how it all works in our video below.