College Board is known for its commitment to an adequate education for all students, aiming to give youth a pathway to college for future successful opportunities. They provide college planning tips, preparation for standardized tests, and professional development. Their efforts in the education realm are endless, which is why they feel so passionately about the need for more attention to the issue of our faltering education systems in the United States. “Education is the future of America and America is failing,” reads the homepage of College Board’s Don’t Forget ED website in all capitals. “As America’s schools continue to fall behind those of almost every other industrialized nation, the issue of education is underplayed on the campaign trail.”

“Don’t Forget Ed!” is a national movement that was created by College Board “to elevate the topic of education in the presidential campaign,” says their mission statement. By joining forces, students, parents, administrators, and teachers can take a stand and require action to be taken. The overall state of education right now is that it’s failing far too many kids, so the people must demand that politicians talk about it. Everyone has a say. It’s time to change the future of education for the better.

As Alice Cooper’s “Schools Out” blares over the intercom, students sprint off campus to head to the nearest pool, party, anywhere that allows them to forget about their academic career. For College Board, class is still in session.

857 standard brown desks were set in straight lines directly in front of the National Mall on Tuesday. Perfectly designed to look like an outdoor classroom. The empty desks are on display to represent “one for each student who drops out each hour of every school day,” according to College Board, as part of its “Don’t Forget Ed!” campaign.

With today as the launch of “Don’t Forget Ed!”, students and College Board leaders will be sitting in a circle on the National Mall requesting people to sign their petition asking for presidential candidates to pay more attention to education reform.

Though this is College Board’s first move into the world of politics, they have assured the public that they are not endorsing any candidate.

Just as Obama says, “Now’s the time to move forward and make sure we have the best-educated, best-trained workers in the world.”

Enjoy the slideshow containing a series of images and facts pertaining to College Board’s “Don’t Forget Ed!” campaign and follow the action as it unfolds through the #dontforgeted hashtag.