Image via Flickr/Matt Gillman (CC BY 2.0)

Rain or shine, leaving work early to head to the best Washington DC happy hours and indulge in a whiskey neat is always the perfect end to a long day at the office. I’m talking about those DC happy hours that cater to the struggling college students and Capitol Hill staffers alike. DC happy hours that aren’t only a staple part of our culture here in the District, but also serve as a productive way to build business relationships, well, and pick-up the ladies. Libations, even cheap eats, there’s really nothing greater than DC happy hours, a perk that those in the District can’t help but love. With that said, we here at InTheCapital are big fans of the DC happy hours scene ourselves and have created a list of *almost* all of the DC happy hours by neighborhood. Prices, location, times, and happy hour specials, we’ve got everything you need on this all encompassing list of cheap DC happy hours you can count on as a guide to your after work adventures.

We originally were tipped off about a DC happy hours list a couple weeks back that was supposedly created by a bunch of Capitol Hill interns in August of 2012. Eventually that theory transformed into a wild goose chase that led us to Reddit, where it turns out almost all active Redditors from the DC area have in some way, shape, or form attempted to develop this sort of a list that highlights the greatest happy hours in the District. One thing led to another and we finally narrowed down our source to Reddit user w4t, who posted the Google Doc last year. While at first we thought w4t must have been the one who formed the basis for what you see above, a comprehensive list of DC happy hours, we have since learned that it is username /u/De__eB and username /u/justsayknope who we have to thank for the original edition of this list.

Using their original Google Doc, we updated all the bars included on their list, added some new bars that opened their doors for the first time in the past few months, and voilŕ, InTheCapital’s list of DC happy hours.

While we know we didn’t incorporate all DC happy hours, this is a living document that we can update within seconds, so, feel free to comment below with any other happy hours you can think of that we forgot to include. Our hopes are that this list serves as a helpful tool for all you lovely happy hour frequenters that just can’t wait for your next cheap gin and tonic come 5 p.m….or 4 p.m…or 3 p.m….It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?


Editor’s Note: Basically, our interns are rockstars and they killed it with this list. They helped me update, I gave them cupcakes, and this list became a real, living piece of amazingness. Cheers to them tonight.

Correction: In a previous edition of this article we cited Reddit user w4t for creating the initial list of DC happy hours. We have since corrected that statement, attributing credit to username /u/De__eB and username /u/justsayknope for developing the Google Doc back in February of 2012.