With the rapid housing growth and rate of apartment construction occurring in the U St. area, it comes at no surprise that the arrival of popular grocery store chains would follow suit. According to executives at the JBG Cos. (big deal east coast real estate developers), a Trader Joe’s will be built in an apartment building on 14th Street NW. So yeah, technically not on U St., but hell, close enough.

What’s better than having a T-Joes in one of the biggest up-and-coming neighborhoods of D.C.? Having a Harris Teeter a few blocks over.

Yup, Harris Teeter has signed a letter of intent to open a store on Sherman Avenue near a new development property at the intersection of Florida Avenue NW and V Street NW. The property is co-owned by JBG and Walt Street Capital, and the Harris Teeter will be part of a greater retail and residential development plan for that particular neighborhood. Of course, the Harris Teeter still needs to win an RFP to make this all happen, but Grant Ehat, principal at JBG Rosenfeld, told the Washington Post that they believe they are competitive enough and desired enough to win a bid for the spot.

So what does that mean for U Street?

It definitely indicates the growth and popularity that this area, as well as others in D.C. have been experiencing. With new apartment buildings and old ones quickly being renovated to meet the massive demand for housing in this area, much of U St. is starting to attract the eye of major retailers and big name brands. Also, it means that people on U Street can finally have access to one of the greatest grocery stores in existence: Trader Joes. Whether it be the plethora of free samples they offer or the stockpile of wasabi peas I seem to find myself purchasing on a regular basis there, T-Joes has become one of my favorite places to frequent and a store I hold dear in my heart when I think of D.C. shopping.

Hooray for Trader Joes, and hooray for U Street for finally being cool enough to get one.

[image via expressnightout]