Washington D.C. was ranked amongst the best cities for recreational activities in a new study released today by Nerd Wallet, a credit card comparison website.  The study evaluated cities based on the amount of parks in a city and the number of recreational facilities per capita– that is, the number of public facilities where you can do things like play basketball, or tennis, or swim.  To make sure there were facilities for all age groups, the study also took into account the number of recreation centers for old people and the number of playgrounds.

Washington D.C. came in at number 8 in the list, which seems fair enough.  Washington does have a good number of city-run facilities like playgrounds, fitness centers, community gardens, athletic fields, and a few pools.  Apparently, and I didn’t realize this until reading the study, the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation holds an annual DC Senior Games, which is apparently similar to the Olympics but with the caveat that it’s only for old people.  But what really put D.C. on the list is the fact that 19.5% of the District is composed of parkland.

Surprisingly, the best city for recreational activity was freezing cold Minneapolis.  In fact, many of the top cities were in areas that are downright cold. At any rate, Minneapolis absolutely trounced D.C. with its massive, indoor ice skating rink, six skate parks, seven golf courses and a disc golf course.  Just to rub dirt into the wounds, Minneapolis also has a huge network of bike and skiing trails. That’s hard to compete with.

At any rate, you can check out the entire list here.