Last night at DC Fest, we crowned the winners of our 2017 Coolest Companies Competition as we rocked with White Ford Bronco, sipped on summer drinks and dined on D.C.’s best food trucks.

With Coolest Companies, we celebrate living, playing and working in the D.C. metro area. As you may have heard, we did things a little differently this year. We let our readers’ vote for their favorite company from our 100 finalists and named the Top 5 the winners of the Coolest Companies competition. Then, the DC Inno team chose the winners of our 5 superlatives: Best Perks, Best Traveled, Most Re-Tweetable, Best Office Space and Top Travelers.

Without further ado…

Here are 2017’s Coolest Companies:

Consumer Technology Association: Readers’ Choice

“The Consumer Technology Association is one of the coolest places to work because of the people, culture, benefits and industry. We represent innovators, disruptors, entrepreneurs, forward-thinkers and the consumer technology industry. At CTA, we take pride in what we do, why we’re doing it and the outcome of our efforts. As an organization, we all take part in promoting a healthy lifestyle with many different health initiatives including organizational-wide Fitbits, boot camp classes four days a week in the in-office gym and a workout program that can be done right at your desk. We hold events all over the world and send our employees all over the world to produce these events. The office features 4K TVs and high-tech elevators. Employees get a ton of great benefits including work from home days, up to 6% matching contribution on 401K, tuition reimbursement, broadband reimbursement, a program that helps homebuyers put down $25,000 towards a house, and a metro subsidy that lets us travel to and from work for free. But, of course, it is the people who make CTA the best and coolest place to work.”

Taoti Creative: Readers’ Choice

“Taoti is a digital agency hell bent on making your organization better at doing what you do. Recently named the #1 Web Design Firm in DC by Clutch, we do amazing work and our clients love us. We just moved into a newly renovated space in the heart of Barrack’s Row. We have a roof deck with a view of the Capitol, complete with a twitter-enabled keg that can tell us when it’s running low. We settle office scores with Mario Kart tournaments played on a giant projection screen. Our office is so great, Barracks Row holds community events at our place. And we have a boat.”


Xometry: Readers’ Choice

“We make custom parts for all sorts of people who are even cooler than us! For engineers and entrepreneurs building space ships, beer infusion towers, dog glasses, 3d printed bones, you name it! We are inspired by all the things we help make and flattered to be a part of it.”

MBL Technologies: Readers’ Choice

“An element fostering MBL’s success as a company of outstanding employee culture is the awesomeness that is our GROUPS MODEL. MBL recognizes that many of our professionals have special talents, need creative outlets, or appreciate the opportunity to be innovative outside of their 9-5 day-job focus (we know, if you do Cybersecurity, your brain and body need a break.). MBL designed our Groups Model as a forum for each of our employees to engage in an initiative, of their own choosing, where they can be involved and engaged creatively and innovatively. Our groups model is how we give each employee the perk of being engaged to do something that they WANT TO DO outside of their day job’s focus. In sum, MBL understands that our professionals are experts in industries that come with many employment options. Our goal is to provide a community and creative outlet that is like no other.”

Distil Networks: Readers’ Choice

“Whether you’re coming to Distil for an interview, or a meeting, bring your ping pong paddle, we take our game pretty seriously. There are daily games going on, and at the end of each quarter a bracketed tournament is held. If ping pong is not your game, then try the classic cocktail table arcade with over 200 games, or the Xbox room. Everyone expenses a robot (get it, bot) when they join, that expresses their individual identity. You can adjust your workstation to work from a standing position, or sitting from your Herman Miller ergonomic chair. Maybe choose to work from a comfortable couch or beanbag chair. The pantry is kept full of snacks including fresh fruit, and lunch is catered each Friday. Most employees have the option of working from the Arlington, VA office, or San Francisco office. We give back to the community through toy drives, feeding the homeless, and other events. Twice a year the entire company gets together for DistilCon, a 3-day event where we work and play, last year was Chicago and Dallas. And the coolest thing about working at Distil, is that we are more than a company, we are a family.”

Wedding Wire: Best Perks

“While WeddingWire offers traditional benefits it also offers very non-traditional benefits including a monthly commuting allowance ($50/month), a personal enrichment bonus called “Treat yo’self” ($250 cash for physical or educational enrichment,) and Share the Wealth–a company match up to $100 per employee for any charitable contribution that they make. Breakfast is catered everyday for employees and after starting off their day right, employees can work while walking on the treadmill desk, grab an espresso and play a round of PacMan in the arcade, relax in a massage chair in WeddingWire’s Meditation Room, have a meeting in one of its many themed conference rooms, or grab a snack from one of WeddingWire’s two fully-stocked markets. As the workday winds down, employees can even grab a beer in the WeddingWire “Speakeasy” or donate money to a charitable cause in exchange for a glass of wine. WeddingWire also has locations in New York City and Long Beach, CA to accommodate employees across the country.”

Up Top Acres: Best Office Space

“We’re a rooftop farming company! We spend our time tending to our farms with views of the DC skyline and directly into Nats Park. Nothing better than harvesting kale and watching the Nats play!”

The Motley Fool: Most Athletic

“Free onsite fitness classes including spinning, personal training, bootcamp, kettlebells, Coach to 5k, yoga, meditation and more. Treadmill desks, Varidesks, bicycle desks…however you want to work, we’ll make it work. (4 out of 10 Fools have a Vari or standing desk) We reimburse 50% of race entry fees. Subsidized massages. Subsidized local gym membership (in addition to free onsite gym) Free healthy snacks, Power Supply deliver drop off site (also subsidize Power Supply meals) Morning pickup games of soccer and basketball every week. Monthly wellness challenges Monthly newsletter. Annual wellness fair. Preventative classes and programs to help with nutrition, sleep, stress management, disease education and prevention. Our wellness program boasts a 90% participation rate (clobbering the national median of 40%)”

Intermarkets: Top Travelers 

“At Intermarkets, we care about our employees both in and out of the workplace. To ensure our employees keep up moral, we offer offsite company events on a quarterly basis where we get out of the office and bond as a staff. In the past year we’ve had a cruise on the Potomac river, summer picnic, gone to Dave & Busters, visited a local winery and spent the afternoon at TopGolf. Additionally, we developed a POETIC (positive, optimistic, enthusiastic, tenacious, innovative and committed) offsite six week leadership course. The course encourages employees to find ways to work with each other to make themselves indispensable to Intermarkets as well as our customers. In order to ensure employees are achieving a work-life balance, we are closed for one week for Thanksgiving and two for Christmas. Additionally, employees get 13 vacation days and 27 paid holidays. With all this and more, it’s no surprise we haven’t had anyone voluntarily leave since July 2015.”

WeWork: Most Re-Tweetable

“WeWork knows how to promote a brand and makes you want to be a part of that brand from their social media accounts. With over 66k followers on Twitter and 121k followers on Instagram, WeWork tackles showing what they do and how they do it best. Rather it’s showing off the amazing office space they provide on their Instagram to promoting a word of inspiration, WeWorks social media accounts has their audience coming back for more. They create a sense of a work, live, play lifestyle through their accounts.”


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