At 5pm on Wednesday, March 18th, the polls for the first round of #DCTechMadness officially closed. The first round proved to be a fierce competition between 64 of D.C.’s finest tech companies, seeded by factors like capital raised, revenue, market cap and other measures of traction.

While there were certainly upsets, there were also giants who rolled by, easily.

#DCTechMadness Pick’em Challenge Leaderboard — Updated per round

  1. Molly Greenberg: 26pts
  2. Brian Warmoth: 25pts
  3. Dominique Taylor: 24pts
  4. Jonathan Aberman: 23pts
  5. Cole Kitchen: 23pts

Here are some highlights from the competition so far:

  • Total Votes Cast: 16,769 votes
  • The Arms Race: Opower vs. LiveSafe & EverFi vs. XAPPmedia were the two matches with the most votes cast [1687 votes]
  • The Slimmest Of Margins: The Invincea(6) vs match was decided by one vote. Yes, just one.
  • Yes, there were upsets: SandBoxx(16) toppled Blackboard(1) and UrbanStems(16) beat MicroStrategy(1) 
  • A Force To Be Reckoned With: 2U, Social Tables, CustomInk and EverFi pulled the most votes[in no specific order]

Voting for the 3rd of #DCTechMadness has officially opened. Go Vote now

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