Do you prefer to walk around au naturel, exposing your bare-skinned bum for comfort’s sake but refrain from doing so for fear of eyes straying…downward? Well the time has come for you to be comfortable in the nude for all to see. Sunday marks the annual tradition of No Pants Subway Ride DC and things are about to get weird.

Beginning at Hancock Park off 7th and C streets SW in close proximity to the L’Enfant Metro station at  2:00 p.m. on the dot, free-spirited D.C. residents will be showing up ready and willing to show what their mama gave them on public transportation. This will be the sixth local iteration, joining sixty cities in five continents worldwide.

It works almost like a flash mob in that upon arrival you are supposed to be wearing pants and then at an undisclosed time and place the stripping occurs. The designated reveal time is conveyed to participants at the first meeting spot by L’Enfant.

Of course their ain’t no party like a no-pants party, so once the day of free willy goodness has come to a close, Cobalt will be throwing down to celebrate the momentous day.

For those worried about the repercussions of unrobing in public, remember that this is pretty much a sanctioned holiday in the District. When it’s No Pants day, anything goes, but if say a Capitol police, D.C. police, metro station manager, metro train conductor, or any other person of authority were to approach you and request that you reacquaint yourself with your clothes, then do it.

According to the Facebook invite, Improv Everywhere, the people behind the local six-year-old tradition, request that those who choose to join the bold and go pant-less for the day abide by the “PG-13” golden rule. They suggest that you wear outfits such as “a typical women’s bikini bottom or a men’s Speedo. When in doubt, where two pairs of underwear. Take this as an opportunity to show off your style (or lack there of)!”

And then there’s this suggestion: “All garments should be clean!” Wait, WHAT?! Apparently there were some grimy folks in the past, but I digress.

For your viewing pleasure in anticipation of Sunday, check out some of the fine outfits D.C. folks put together last year for this truly special occasion: