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D.C.’s speed camera locations get a little more numerous as of Tuesday. The District is rolling out 14 new units, as well as a truck camera, to contribute to its heavily automated revenue generator (which has recently seen a drop in fines). There’s good news, though, if you get caught in the next few weeks along Massachusetts Avenue or Martin Luther King Avenue: The cameras will have a grace period.

During the new speed cameras’ first 30 days of operation, identified offenders will not receive tickets and fines, WTOP reports. Instead, they will get warnings in the mail.

Of course, after that 30-day window, the cameras will join the ranks of the city’s other units, taking photos and forwarding info on to a system that will assign tickets ranging from $50 to $300.

The best way to ensure that you don’t get one of those tickets is to obey the designated speed limits. You may also want to familiarize yourself with the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department’s list of speed camera locations and this map of its cameras and uses.

Here’s where the new cameras will be placed, according to WTTG:

  1. 4600 blk Massachusetts Ave NW nw/b
  2. 3900 blk Cathedral Ave NW nw/b
  3. 2600 blk Wisconsin s/b NW
  4. 4600 blk Reservoir Rd NW nw/b
  5. 2200 blk 18th St NW n/b
  6. 3600 blk Georgia Ave s/b NW
  7. 4600 blk Arkansas Ave NW sw/b
  8. 1800 blk Monroe St NE w/b
  9. New York Ave e/b @ Bladensburg Rd NE
  10. 2200 blk Rhode Island Ave NE ne/b
  11. 3600 blk South Dakota Ave NE ne/b
  12. 4600 blk N H Burroughs Ave NE nw/b
  13. 200 blk 44th St NE s/b
  14. 2500 blk Martin Luther King Ave SE n/b
  15. 4200 blk 6th St SE s/b