If one thing’s for sure, it’s that y’all love a good March Madness bracket. After a whomping 36,000 votes in our first round, our Round 2 match-ups are here.

But before we dive into them, let’s dig a bit deeper into what exactly happened in Round 1. We had some pretty tight competitions: Social Tables, Virgil Security, Intermarkets, Optoro and Phone2Action all only won by less than 20 votes.

In a triumphant turn of events, returning champs EverFi and Spotluck are still in the running to win out in this year’s bracket.

The DC Inno Tech Madness bracket asks readers to vote on who they would invest in. This isn’t meant to create an “us vs. them” mentality. Instead, DC Inno hopes to create a fun way for our readers to get to know some of the top companies in the innovation scene. A vote for one company is not a vote against another.

In Round 2, all eyes should be set on a dead heat match-up between Social Tables and Upskill, two fast-growing startups in the region with one focused on events and hospitality technology and another focused on bringing artificial reality tech to manufacturing workers. And both are known to have pretty loyal and motivated people surrounding them.

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the competition:

March 11-March 15: Sweet 16

March 16-March 21: Elite 8

March 22-March 26: Final 4

March 27-April 2: Semifinals

April 3-April 5: Finals (at midnight)

Cast your vote below to see your favorite company make it to the Sweet 16.