Local startup darling Riide has revolutionized bike riding as we know it today. Launched by Georgetown University alum Jeff Stefanis and George Washington University graduate Amber Wason in 2012, the duo has transformed their passion for making electric vehicles the golden standard for American cities into a real, modern, cleverly engineered product set to pave the way for the future of urban transportation.

What really sets Riide apart from its competition is that people believe in their impressive creation, too. They’re highly supportive of Riide’s tech savvy, affordable electric bike as can be seen by the success they’ve found with their Kickstarter campaign that has been live for less than 24 hours. In one day (mind you the day still hasn’t ended quite yet…), Riide has managed to exceed its $50,000 goal with $51,744 in funding to boast of to date.

It’s a tremendous accomplishment that Stefanis says the young startup couldn’t have achieved without the help of Riide’s outstanding supporters.

“We’re so grateful for all of the support the Kickstarter and Riide family has given us over the past few hours. Although it may look like it happened over the course of 6 hours the team has been working on Riide for over a year and a half with the most talented group of collaborators,” Stefanis said in an email. “The overwhelming feeling right now is gratitude mixed with excitement about the possibility to blow the goal out of the water and start to change the conversation about transportation.”

And his expectations are in no way far-fetched. In fact, it appears as if Riide is well on its way to producing a vehicle that can be parked anywhere, doesn’t require gas to fuel, is light, ideally priced from a financial standpoint and simply designed with a battery installed at its core. An easy Riide to work is the future, and the future is now.

Riide still has 39 days days to go on Kickstarter, so the funding period hasn’t come to an end. You can still give to this local company that’s proving its value to the community by securing its financial backing in less than 24 hours.


Images via Riide