The #DCWineWeek fun continued with another buzzworthy event at i Ricchi last night. The Italian wine fest on the piazza featured 16 different wine tastings with delicious food pairings inspired by Tuscan street cuisine.

Last night’s DC Wine Week soiree at i Ricchi was the first of many events that the restaurant will be holding for young, aspiring winos. Christianne Ricchi, the restaurant’s Chef and Owner, gave us a preview as she plated the delicious bites she created specially for the evening.

Ricchi says she wants to demystify wine for a younger audience and thinks it’s important that people aren’t afraid of wine. All of the waiters at i Ricchi go through extensive wine training in order to make recommendations to diners. You too can brush up on your wine knowledge at one of the restaurant’s upcoming wine seminars. Look out for a special whiskey tasting in November and a moonshine tasting in December.

DC Wine Week continues tonight at Tel’Veh with and Oyster and Wine Happy Hour and Vino and Bocce tomorrow night at Vinoteca. The entire week has been a treat for the senses. Feast your eyes on some of the best snaps DC Wine Week goers have shared from the events.